Expansion Readiness

As an International Business Market Entry Partner, our international expansion consultants can help you with expansion readiness to:

  • Identify potential risks
  • Evaluate market opportunities
  • Assess resource requirements
  • Develop a strategy
  • Enhance compliance
  • Improve stakeholder confidence
International Business Market Entry Partner

Expansion Readiness Overview

International expansion strategies as a service for startups

And Strategies For Startups

If needed, we can help you assess your business’s readiness to expand. 

This exercise is initially done through an online assessment, enabling our team to gather important information across your business’s core functions before we meet with the individual leaders in the executive team.

This phase helps us to start having a deeper understanding of the company’s ambitions and to identify the key drivers for expansion. To get an overall picture, we will start by interviewing the CEO, to understand their plan for the business and identify what success would look like for a new market.

We then invest time with each functional leader to map capabilities, gaps and addressable challenges.

The output of this process is a scorecard which is both company-wide high level, as well as detailed for each business function. In addition, we will help work with clients to create a detailed blueprint and roadmap of actionable recommendations and OKRs to get the business into the best shape possible ahead of the new market launch.

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Expanding your business into international markets with Scaling Partners

Get it right, and there can be major rewards for any company expanding internationally. But there can be pitfalls too. We’ll help you find the startup international expansion strategy that’s right for your business. Our approach is simple and proven, and because we offer our expertise and advice as a service, you can access as much or as little as you need, when you need it.



Expansion Readiness

We can help you assess your company’s growth and expansion readiness if needed. Helping you develop an actionable strategy to fast-track your growth.

Our international readiness assessment service can help you improve your preparedness, create better collaboration and coordination, allocate resources effectively, build stakeholder confidence, and ensure compliance with regulations.

Improved preparedness

By conducting an international readiness assessment, we can help you to identify potential risks and vulnerabilities, which allows them to develop and implement appropriate strategies and contingency plans. This helps in enhancing your country’ preparedness for emergencies and crises.

Increased collaboration

An international readiness assessment often involves different organizations and stakeholders from various countries. This provides an opportunity for these entities to collaborate, share knowledge and resources, establish, and build partnerships, which can improve the overall successful expansion into a new market.

Enhanced coordination

Conducting an international readiness assessment can also benefit in enhancing coordination among different organizations and stakeholders. This includes improving communication, establishing protocols and procedures, and enhancing the sharing of information and resources.

Improved resource allocation

An international readiness assessment will help determine how you identify the resources and capabilities required for an effective response to expanding into a new market. This allows for better resource allocation and prioritization of efforts.

Increased confidence

By conducting an international readiness assessment, organizations can build confidence in their ability to prepare for successful growth in additional markets. This helps enhance stakeholder confidence, improving support for the organization and its operations.

Compliance with regulations

Many organizations are required by law, regulation, or their investors, to conduct readiness assessments for a market they want to operate or sell something in. By conducting an international readiness assessment, organizations can ensure compliance with these requirements and avoid penalties or other legal consequences.

As outlined, an international readiness exercise requires careful planning and execution. Our experts have the experience to partner with you to make it a success.



Cultural Awareness

In today’s global business environment, it is common for multinational companies to have employees from different countries working together. However, cultural differences can create challenges that impact their effectiveness. 


Using our Culture Mapping Methodology which provides a field-tested model for understanding how cultural differences impact international business. Our smart analytical framework, which offers practical advice, can help your team motivate employees, delight clients, and improve their effectiveness in working with cross-cultural teams.


By using the Cultural Mapping Tool, you can determine which of the specified cultures is the most hierarchical, punctual, and direct in communicating disagreement. This tool can assist you and your team in avoiding blindly proceeding, only to realize months later that your business has not thrived.



Talent Mapping

Making smarter talent decisions requires effective talent mapping and analysis. With the global talent supply being dynamic and constantly evolving, it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of the skills and people available in the workforce before deciding where to expand.

TalentMapping is a cutting-edge solution that utilizes over 600 million profiles of individuals in the workforce to offer valuable insights into the dynamics of the global talent supply. 

By providing detailed information about skills, locations, and competitors, TalentMapping enables employers to proactively plan and prepare for their workforce needs. This helps organizations stay ahead of the curve and succeed in the ever-changing world of work.



Finalise Strategy & Execution

As outlined, an international readiness exercise requires careful planning and execution. Our experts have the experience to partner with you to make it a success.

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