Growth Strategies

Growth Strategies

Growth Strategies

We’ll help you scale successfully


Scaling Partners’ growth strategy consultations could help you:

  •     Enter new markets
  •     Launch new products or services
  •     Expand your business into international markets
  •     Scale your culture
  •     Find the right people to help you grow successfully
  •     Help you build better strategic partnerships



Growth strategy consultancy as a service with Scaling Partners

Scaling is a complex cocktail of partnerships, positioning, processes and people. But how do you find the mix that’s right for you? From launching new products to international expansion to finding the strategic partners who can help you realise your ambitions faster, our business expansion strategy consultants will work with you to tailor the right approach for your business.


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How to grow your business

You’d think it would be easy expanding the places in which you operate or the products and services you sell. After all, you’ve already done it once. But whether you adopt a vertical or horizontal growth strategy, scaling your offering means asking the same questions you asked when you first launched and dealing with what may be a very different set of answers.


With a new product or in a new territory, the competition may be different. The buying journey may have changed. The production process may need to adapt. Your target audience may have evolved and you may need new methods to reach them.


So before you head off in a new direction, you need the information to help you do it successfully. We can help. 


Scaling as a service with Scaling Partners


Scaling Partners help develop go-to-market strategies for startups. We’ll help you optimise your new product launch for new markets and territories. We help you anticipate risks and minimise them. We help you spot opportunities and maximise them. And we’re with you for as long as you need us.


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Expanding your business into international markets

Domestic dominance is within your sights and now you’re expanding overseas. But international expansion is never easy. And it’s certainly never as simple as cloning what works well at home. So when you need help to make international growth a success, talk to Scaling Partners.


International expansion as a service with Scaling Partners


There’s a lot involved in expanding a small business into international markets. We help get every part of the formula right so you can expand with more clarity, more certainly and fewer nasty surprises. It starts by understanding whether overseas growth is feasible and desirable for your business, or whether there are building blocks to put in place first.


Then we help your company expand internationally by:


  •         Explore the potential markets to expand into
  •         Understand local laws and culture
  •         Develop your strategy
  •         Select prime locations
  •         Build local strategic partnerships
  •         Grow your team on the ground
  •         Put your finances in order


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A scaling business faces many challenges. One of the greatest is scaling the culture. And the faster the growth, the harder that challenge can be.


It’s easy for the culture that defined you when you launched to dilute or disappear as you grow. And if international growth is in your plans, it can be even harder to mesh your culture with another country’s.


Culture as a service with Scaling Partners


We help you find ways to make your culture real, so it’s easier for everyone to understand. We help you turn abstract values into concrete behaviours so those behaviours stick. We help you create the internal communications and training courses that help you explain your culture. And we help you work with your team leaders to ensure that, even with the most intensive growth strategy, your culture is constantly reinforced and embedded.


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Working with the right people matters to every organisation of every size. But for a rapidly scaling business, it’s not enough to work with the ‘right people’ purely from a technical perspective. Scaling requires energy, tenacity, goodwill, entrepreneurialism and a wide skillset that encompasses far more than industry-specific expertise. We help you find the people who, for all their other capabilities, are simply a perfect fit for your business. 


Recruitment as a service with Scaling Partners

We have a recruitment rule of thumb for the business founders we work with: always make the next hire a step up from the one before it.


So we help you find people with a history of excellence. People who have already been leaders or people who are ready to step up to become one. People who complement your existing talents and fit your company culture. And people who are ready to roll their sleeves up and get stuck in.


From identifying the people gaps in your business to sourcing, interviewing and onboarding, we’ll find the people to help you scale.


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Strategic partnerships


The right strategic partnership can be like rocket fuel for a scaling business. A new supplier. A key piece of tech. A marketing, finance or export specialist. If what they offer could remove friction, cut your costs or transform the customer experience, it could be invaluable to your intensive growth strategy. We’ll introduce you.


Partnership as a service with Scaling Partners


Could you benefit each other? It’s our starting point for the strategic introductions we make between the startups we support. But it’s far from the only question we ask. Because a partnership isn’t just built on business compatibility. It’s about being a good match personally too. It’s about both parties feeling ‘I can work with these people’. 


We’ll help connect you with people it’s easy to do business with.



Why Scaling Partners?


We’re veterans of successfully scaling businesses. But we’re also veterans of knowing how to launch a new product, how to expand overseas, how to develop an internal growth strategy and how to spot when things need to change and pivot towards new opportunities.


Our business expansion strategy consultants have ‘been there and done that’. We’ll help you do it too.


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What is a horizontal growth strategy?

There are two types of business growth strategy – horizontal and vertical. A vertical growth strategy is the one most startups will encounter first. It describes growth within your market – perhaps creating a new model of an existing product, or creating a new product for the same market.


A horizontal growth strategy is typically the next stage of growth, where you take your products into new areas. That might be new geographic territory (e.g. a company expanding internationally) or new territory in terms of the business domain (e.g. moving from in store to online, or from a product to an SaaS model). Whatever your ambitions, our growth strategy consultations can help.


How do business partnerships work?

A partnership can be a powerful addition to any startup. There are many types of partnership – from the person who joins you at the inception of the company to help you turn it into a reality, to the partners who can help you scale through introducing new products or services or taking them into new areas. They could be tech partners, fulfilment partners, suppliers or more. What distinguishes a partner from a regular supplier is their involvement in the strategic direction of the business. You’re not buying their services; you’re inviting them to be a part of the business, to contribute to it and share in its success.


For partnerships to work, your partners and the boundaries of the relationship need to be carefully chosen and clearly expressed. We can help you do that.


Which growth strategy can I apply to my business?

Diversification. Market development. Product or service expansion. Expanding your business into international markets. They’re all potentially viable options for your business. Chances are you’ll adopt at least one of them. But which one?


The right decision will be different for every business and will depend on several factors including: the market you operate in, the competition, your financial situation and potentially rules and regulations limiting what you can and can’t do next.


Finding the right route is crucial to growth, and our business expansion consultants can help. Talk to them now.