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Startup Guide To CEO Mentoring

Why Mentoring?

As the CEO of a growing startup, it’s easy to feel everything’s on your shoulders. Executive mentoring can make it a little easier to shoulder that burden by helping you:

  • Develop sound plans to scale the business
  • Grow personally, addressing the issues that can help you be better at what you do – whether that’s learning to become more detached, to delegate more (or better) or to build personal resilience
  • Challenge your thinking (and help you develop better answers) – so you see the business from different angles and aren’t lulled into a false sense of security
  • Gain perspective – from someone who isn’t immersed in the business
  • Find a safe space to share ideas and fears without fear of feeling exposed or showing weakness to peers and subordinates
  • Stay on track and challenge you when your plans need more development

There’s no playbook for growing a business. But you can learn an awful lot (and avoid some painful pitfalls) when you work with someone who’s already been there and done that.

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