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Happy Entrepreneur

How Doing Non-Startup Stuff Can Make You A Happier Entrepreneur

For ardent followers of a romanticised entrepreneurial mindset, the idea of doing anything else is a no-go. But my goal here is to throw that unreasonable outlook out the window and explain how you can be a happier entrepreneur. In fact, doing non-startup stuff will make you even better at your job. Here, let me […]

Gig Economy

Where Does The Gig Go Next?

In this article, we explore how the natural evolution of the gig economy could present a growing opportunity for investors post-coronavirus. It’s funny how fast things can change. One minute, the young upstarts of the gig economy world are ‘disruptively threatening the natural order of things’. Then, one pandemic later, everyone’s looking at how they […]

Business Startup Consultants

Business Startup Consultants Pros and Cons

In the last tax year, entrepreneurs founded more than 672,000 startups in the UK. That works out to over 1,800 new startups each day! Have you recently launched your own startup? Are you wondering whether or not you should hire startup consultants to help you grow your company? If you’ve been on the fence about […]

International Market Selection For Startups

International Market Selection For Startups

Thinking of launching your startup internationally? These steps will help you narrow down on the best markets. The good news is that with the wealth of financial products and resources available, there’s never been a better time for you to launch your startup internationally. The bad news is that it’s not as easy as many […]

US European Startups Go To Market

European And US Startups Internationalisation

Over my years of working with startups, I’ve noticed some significant differences between how European and US startup founders go to market internationally. While you might not think there’s that much difference in global expansion strategy between these different parts of the world, there are a surprising number of things that entrepreneurs need to consider […]

Startup Internationalization

Startup Internationalization: Is it a Risk Worth Taking?

Startup Internationalization: Is it a Risk Worth Taking? I think we can all agree that being bold and taking risks is synonymous with successfully running a startup. However, fruitful risks must be calculated, considered, and scrutinized. Otherwise, you may as well invest your future into a lottery ticket. No more is this notion made abundantly […]

Company structure: what needs to change for your business to grow?

Company Structure For Growing Startups

The coronavirus pandemic is bringing the most key business activities to a complete standstill. Pre-COVID, things that were a routine in almost every organization now seems unimaginable. The daily sales meeting, catching up with a new client over lunch, and traveling are all activities of the past. And to be honest, the world is not […]

Best Startup Podcasts For Startups

30 Best Startup Podcasts On International Expansion

In today’s interconnected world, expanding your business globally is an attractive proposition for many entrepreneurs. However, navigating the complexities of international markets can be a daunting task, and there is much to learn before taking the leap. Fortunately, The 30 Best Startup Podcasts on International Expansion provide a variety of resources to help entrepreneurs who […]

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