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Advantages and Disadvantages of Venture capital

Venture Capital Advantages and Disadvantages

The site reported that in 2019 alone, venture capital investment provided approximately $46.1 billion USD to startup and other early stage businesses in U.S. alone, indicating the viability of venture capital. We know that sourcing money for our startups can be both an exhilarating and stressful experience, and venture capital investment is no different. […]

How to budet when launching into a new market

Startup New Market launch Budgeting

Source: 57% of Google’s revenue comes from markets outside the US. Apple and many other tech giants have the same story. In fact, Google recently committed to investing $10 billion into India over the next five years. While expanding into new markets seems like the enticing, such a move can be tricky -especially when […]

Running A Startup? Here’s The Right Title You Should Be Using

Startup Titles – Here’s The Right One You Should Be Using

Using the right title within a company is not only a matter of professionalism. Most importantly, it helps both customers and employees know who to report to/direct their issues to. This, in turn, keeps internal operations running smoothly by delegating the right tasks to the right people. Still, we see several business owners and managers […]

Do You Need A Chief Of Staff?

Whenever you hear the mention of a “Chief of Staff,” John Kelly and Caroline Pugh’s images come to mind. They’re often seen as adept individuals accompanying presidents and high profile politicians. But these people are not constrained to politics or the military. Chief of Staff or CoS are increasingly getting popular in the corporate setting, […]

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