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Should founders be good managers

Is It important For Founders To Be Good Managers?

As Founders, we become CEOs the day we incorporate our companies. But are we good at management? Can we consider ourselves great managers or should we just go with the flow and see what the future holds for us? One thing is for sure – someone will need to make decisions that get results for our […]

Kids Entrepreneurship & Startups

What Should We Teach Kids About Entrepreneurship And Startups?

The year is 1967. A young dyslexic boy decides to drop out of school and start his own magazine. Before that, his business ventures included selling Christmas trees and breeding budgies— both failed. He was determined to make his publication a success. Did he reach his goal? No. It seemed like the boy was doomed […]

Happy Entrepreneur

How Doing Non-Startup Stuff Can Make You A Happier Entrepreneur

For ardent followers of a romanticised entrepreneurial mindset, the idea of doing anything else is a no-go. But my goal here is to throw that unreasonable outlook out the window and explain how you can be a happier entrepreneur. In fact, doing non-startup stuff will make you even better at your job. Here, let me […]

Gig Economy

Where Does The Gig Go Next?

In this article, we explore how the natural evolution of the gig economy could present a growing opportunity for investors post-coronavirus. It’s funny how fast things can change. One minute, the young upstarts of the gig economy world are ‘disruptively threatening the natural order of things’. Then, one pandemic later, everyone’s looking at how they […]

Best Startup Podcasts For Startups

30 Best Startup Podcasts On International Expansion

In today’s interconnected world, expanding your business globally is an attractive proposition for many entrepreneurs. However, navigating the complexities of international markets can be a daunting task, and there is much to learn before taking the leap. Fortunately, The 30 Best Startup Podcasts on International Expansion provide a variety of resources to help entrepreneurs who […]

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