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What Is An International Strategy, And Why Is It Important?

What Is An International Strategy And Why Is It Important?

Are you looking forward to expanding your business in the international market? Domestically or internationally, growing your business horizons involves a lot of planning, organizing, and research. This is when international strategy comes into action. So, what is an international strategy and why is it important?

What It Takes To Expand A Business

What It Takes To Expand A Business?

Just like Rome wasn’t built in a day, you cannot expand a business in a single day. It involves years of hard work to expand boundaries and reach a larger stage eventually. 

Market Potential Calculation Example

Market Potential Calculation Example Explained

Here is a simple market potential calculation example for you. Suppose you have a well-established product in the market. But now, you want to expand your market reach by launching your product in a new market. This new market can be an overseas market or a different state within your own country.  How do you […]

Globalization Strategy Definition

Globalization Strategy Definition And More

When a business idea succeeds, it attracts the attention of big investors who want to see it develop and flourish. With investors on board, the company or organization would have a fantastic opportunity to grow its business. Investors not only help expand a business locally but globally as well. Especially with the rapid growth in technology, implementing this strategy has become much more manageable.

Strategic Alliance Vs Joint Venture

Strategic Alliance Vs Joint Venture Explained

The decision if you should go for a strategic alliance or a joint venture depends a lot on the core of your business. However, knowing the difference between strategic alliance and joint venture stays at the forefront. Here is a deep analysis of both strategic alliance vs joint venture. 

What Are The Principles Of International Marketing?

What Are The Principles Of International Marketing?

Even major companies like Nike, Coca-Cola, Ford, and other business behemoths made many mistakes while expanding and marketing that cost thousands and thousands of dollars internationally. Here are some tips for you if you want to avoid that. You can follow and integrate ten major international marketing principles into your marketing strategy. These draw inspiration from marketing’s 7 Ps.

What Are The Four Growth Strategies?

What Are The Four Growth Strategies?

So, what are the four growth strategies you should focus on? Let’s find out. But before that, let’s understand the importance of growth.

Think Global, Act Local

Think Global, Act Local

Have you ever found yourself gravitating towards a McDonald’s outlet whenever you are in an unfamiliar city or country and unsure of what to eat? You could be thinking that at a McDonald’s there is always a familiar item in the menu such as it’s iconic BigMac, fries and nuggets as well as something local […]

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