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looking for a business partner

Looking For A Business Partner

No man is an island. No company can operate without outside partners. As cliché as it sounds, this is particularly true when starting a business.  For example, when founding a startup, one of the crucial steps that a founder must do is looking for a business partner. History is dotted with business partnerships that are as legendary, if not more legendary, than the business itself. One of the most crucial business partnerships is that of founder/co-founder.

Startup Tech Incubator

What Is A Tech Incubator?

Did the incubation program at Y Combinator contribute to their success? Is participating in an incubation program a sure way to turn an idea into an actual living and breathing business? Are there any tech incubators out there, and how does one get in? Let us dive into tech incubators’ specifics and how they can help businesses in their earliest stage thrive.

Startup apportunities in a recession

How To Find Opportunities In A Recession

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread across the world, how we respond to the crisis can make or break our businesses. Compared with established businesses, startups are more likely to experience cutbacks as they shift gears from growth mode and start focusing on survival. Our small businesses can survive a downturn not by burying […]

Business Startup Consultants

Business Startup Consultants Pros and Cons

In the last tax year, entrepreneurs founded more than 672,000 startups in the UK. That works out to over 1,800 new startups each day! Have you recently launched your own startup? Are you wondering whether or not you should hire startup consultants to help you grow your company? If you’ve been on the fence about […]

Company structure: what needs to change for your business to grow?

Company Structure For Growing Startups

The coronavirus pandemic is bringing the most key business activities to a complete standstill. Pre-COVID, things that were a routine in almost every organization now seems unimaginable. The daily sales meeting, catching up with a new client over lunch, and traveling are all activities of the past. And to be honest, the world is not […]

Running A Startup? Here’s The Right Title You Should Be Using

Startup Titles – Here’s The Right One You Should Be Using

Using the right title within a company is not only a matter of professionalism. Most importantly, it helps both customers and employees know who to report to/direct their issues to. This, in turn, keeps internal operations running smoothly by delegating the right tasks to the right people. Still, we see several business owners and managers […]

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