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By collaborating with a carefully selected group of skilled international business consultants from our specialized fields, you’ll gain access to clever methodologies, industry-specific knowledge, astute mindsets, and business acumen.

Whether you require market research that delves into the core of the issue or strategic advice that can significantly increase your chance of launching a new product or service to market or expand to a new market.

Through our international business consulting services,

Growth strategy consultancy as a service with Scaling Partners

we can help you make better decisions.

Scaling is a complex cocktail of partnerships, positioning, processes and people. But how do you find the mix that’s right for you? From launching new products to international expansion to finding the strategic partners who can help you realise your ambitions faster, our business growth strategy consultants will work with you to tailor the right approach for your business.

Expansion Readiness

Expansion readiness assessment: Our experts can conduct a thorough evaluation your company’s capabilities, resources, and strategic goals to determine if they are ready for expansion. This includes analyzing the company’s financial position, operational efficiencies, and growth potential.


Cultural mapping: Our team can provide cultural intelligence and help companies understand the cultural nuances of the new market they are entering. This involves identifying differences in language, customs, values, and communication styles that may impact the company’s ability to operate effectively in the new market.


Talent mapping: With our expertise, we can help companies identify and attract the right talent to support your expansion efforts. This includes analyzing the local talent pool, assessing the company’s talent needs, and developing strategies to recruit and retain the best talent.

Market Research

Our customized market research and analysis can provide you with valuable insights into the top markets that match your ideal metrics. 

Our data analysis takes into account several factors such as firmographics, demographics, financial market size, and business complexity, providing you with a comprehensive overview of each market. Our team utilizes a range of tailored and intelligent market research methodologies, including state-of-the-art behavioural approaches and advanced analytical techniques. 

Using our expertise, we can assist you in optimizing your products, measuring the effectiveness of communication strategies, enhancing customer experience, and boosting conversions. Our team of experts can help you achieve your objectives by selecting the most appropriate research methods for your specific requirements.

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Expanding your business into

Expanding your business into new international markets

new international markets

Domestic dominance is within your sights and now you’re expanding overseas. But international expansion is never easy. And it’s certainly never as simple as cloning what works well at home. So when you need help to make international growth a success, talk to Scaling Partners.


Explore the potential
markets to expand into


Understand local
laws and culture

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Explore the potential markets to expand into


Explore the potential
markets to expand into


Understand local
laws and culture


Explore the potential markets to expand into


Select prime locations


Build local strategic


Grow your team on
the ground


Select prime locations


Build local strategic


Grow your team on
the ground

Go To Market Strategy

A successful go-to-market strategy is vital for the success of a new product or service launch, as even the best offering can fail if it’s not introduced to the target audience effectively. With our expertise, we can help you avoid common pitfalls and craft an effective plan, minimizing the risk of failure due to poor product-market fit or oversaturation. While there is no guarantee of success, our approach will help identify potential issues before investing in a full-fledged launch.


Even big brands get it wrong. In the 1980s, Coca-Cola decided to change the formula for their flagship soft drink and introduced “New Coke.” This new formula was met with immediate backlash from consumers who preferred the original formula, which was then rebranded as “Coca-Cola Classic.” The New Coke product was eventually withdrawn from the market.


This failure shows that even well-established and successful brands can misjudge the market and make mistakes when launching new products. It highlights the importance of developing an effective go-to-market strategy and testing it before committing significant resources to a full product launch. 


As an international business expansion consultancy, our experts can help you learn from past mistakes and develop a comprehensive go-to-market plan to maximize your chances of success.

Learn how we help clients succeed on the world stage

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Market Discovery & Entry

Market Validation

Market validation is a crucial process that can determine the need for your product in the target market and its potential profitability. 

As an international business expansion consultancy, we can help you validate your business idea early in the go-to-market process, saving you time and resources by predicting whether people will buy your product or service. This also helps to instil confidence among potential investors, providing a deeper understanding of how your product addresses the market needs and earns your first paying customers in your new target market.

By validating your business idea, you can ensure that you are creating a product that meets the needs of your target market, setting yourself up for long-term success. 


We believe that it’s critical to go through the market validation process to avoid wasting resources on a product that does not align with market demand. Our expertise can help you gain insights into your target customer’s pain points, create a solution that addresses market needs and provide the groundwork for a successful product launch.

In-Market Support

After launching your product or service in a new market, our in-market support can assist you in a variety of ways. Monitoring customer feedback and providing customer or technical support can help identify and address any issues that arise early on. 

We can also help streamline the hiring process by sourcing and pre-screening top-level candidates and provide training to ensure staff and partners are equipped to provide excellent customer service. 

With our in-market support, we can provide you with the assistance you need to ensure that your product or service is successful in your new market. From addressing customer feedback to training staff and gathering market intelligence, our support services are designed to help you overcome obstacles and achieve long-term success.

Expansion Fundraising

Fundraising for international expansion can bring multiple benefits to a business such as helping to cover the costs of expansion, including legal fees, logistics, hiring local staff, and marketing expenses. 

How it helps?

Expansion Fundraising can also reduce financial risk, by providing a cash cushion to help weather unexpected challenges, while attracting investors who are interested in supporting the business and sharing in its success, as well as expanding the network of contacts and potential partners. 


Fundraising for international expansion is a critical consideration for businesses that want to launch successfully and achieve long-term success in new markets. With the help of our experts, businesses can navigate the challenges of international expansion and take advantage of the benefits that fundraising can bring.

Why Scaling Partners?

By offering these services, we can provide you with the insights and expertise you need to make informed decisions about expanding your business internationally. This can help you minimize risks, optimize your operations, and achieve long-term success in new markets.

How We Work

Done with you

Our most economical model. A low touch approach where we Analyse and Support the execution

Done for you

Our ‘Let’s Go’ Model where we take care of just about everything. We Analyse, Support, and Execute


Our most integrated model working as a full extension to your team on open-ended or midterm projects


There are two types of business growth strategy – horizontal and vertical. A vertical growth strategy is the one most startups will encounter first. It describes growth within your market – perhaps creating a new model of an existing product, or creating a new product for the same market.


A horizontal growth strategy is typically the next stage of growth, where you take your products into new areas. That might be new geographic territory (e.g. a start-up expanding into new markets) or new territory in terms of the business domain (e.g. moving from in store to online, or from a product to an SaaS model). Whatever your ambitions, our growth strategy consultations can help.

A partnership can be a powerful addition to any startup. There are many types of partnership – from the person who joins you at the inception of the company to help you turn it into a reality, to the partners who can help you scale through introducing new products or services or taking them into new areas. They could be tech partners, fulfilment partners, suppliers or more. What distinguishes a partner from a regular supplier is their involvement in the strategic direction of the business. You’re not buying their services; you’re inviting them to be a part of the business, to contribute to it and share in its success.


For partnerships to work, your partners and the boundaries of the relationship need to be carefully chosen and clearly expressed. We can help you do that.

Diversification. Market development. Product or service expansion. Expanding your business into international markets. They’re all potentially viable options for your business. Chances are you’ll adopt at least one of them. But which one?


The right decision will be different for every business and will depend on several factors including: the market you operate in, the competition, your financial situation and potentially rules and regulations limiting what you can and can’t do next.


Finding the right route is crucial to growth, and our business expansion consultants can help. Talk to them now.

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