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For investors looking to invest, we know what potential looks like – and where to find it

How could Scaling Partners investment services help you?

• Widen your net of potential investment opportunities

• Find investment potential you won’t find anywhere else

• Increase your chances of exclusivity

• Expert analysis of and due diligence on potential investment opportunities

VC deal flow sourcing as a service

We’ll source and scout the startup investment opportunities you won’t find anywhere else.

Investment with Scaling Partners

Every week, Scaling Partners’ experts work with a wide range of late-stage startups, many of which are seeking investment. They come from a broad cross section of industries, but often they are exploring investment for the first time, so you won’t find them in the press or on existing scouting databases. For investors looking to invest in a small business, not only does that open new and potentially lucrative opportunities; it also means you get your foot in the door first.

How do you get quality deal flow?

Every investor has their favoured sectors, criteria and network – that tried and tested personal recipe for deal flow with which you’ve found success in the past. But there is no actual recipe. If you’re looking for investment opportunities there’s real value in exploring a different approach – of casting your net wider, or at least differently.

Because we help businesses of every type and ambition grow, you’ll find lots of fresh opportunities to collaborate or grow your investment portfolio in new and exciting ways. And because our experts know the startup world inside out, we know what investment and partnership potential looks like.

How we find companies to invest in

How we find companies to
invest in

Through our tailored research service we create an exclusive report that matches the best late-stage startups to your investment criteria. Here’s how it works:



Search Criteria

You may already have a defined and well-practised set of research criteria to find your next startup investment or acquisition match. But where you don’t, we can help define them.

Size of market. Value proposition. Team. Product. Valuation: some criteria are a given. Others, like competitive edge, growth, revenue target, business model and industry may be just as important to you in selecting the candidates with the greatest potential. We’ll agree the criteria with your search before beginning the scouting process.



Research & Scouting

Of course we’ll find startups that match your investment criteria. But scouting can help you achieve much more. Our venture capital sourcing methods can reveal opportunities for proprietary access or the likelihood of exclusivity. They can help you diversify your investment pipeline, finding potential in areas you might not typically source from.

With an impressive network of scouts and an in-house pool of investment-worthy growth partners, Scaling Partners has more ways to source your next investment.



Report Analysis

If you’re dealing with dozens or even hundreds of investment submissions each week, we’ll make sifting the best easier by reviewing the investor reports submitted to you.

We’ll look at the key financial information, mission and vision, MDA and growth plan to explore general investability. We’ll consider the credibility of the people behind the business and match the profiles of the top team to the ambitions of the business. And we’ll source the contact details of the people you’ll want to talk to if the investment has potential.



Due Diligence

Assessing the investment potential of a startup isn’t easy when the metrics you’re currently working from bear no resemblance to the growth you aim to achieve (which is the whole point of the investment). So how do you carry out investment due diligence on a startup?

For us, it’s about traction. Of course the business hasn’t yet reached its full potential, but where has its momentum taken it so far? To assess that, we analyse the figures, but also the business plan, the partnerships the company has entered, the contracts it has in place and the investability of the founder(s). We’ll also check references, asking for feedback on the startup, its people and service, and the market in which it operates.




Want to make contact but retain confidentiality? We’ll broker contact on your behalf and never disclose your details to any other party until you’re ready.

Who do you scout for?

Investors looking to invest in startups

Investors looking for new avenues of VC deal flow sourcing

Corporates interested in forming strategic partnerships with startups

Why Scaling Partners?

If you always do what you did, you’ll always get what you always got. That’s true for many areas of business – and it’s certainly the case for investors looking for investment opportunities. But finding fresh, unmined seams of startups isn’t easy.

Scaling Partners work with the very startups many investors are looking for. Late seed to Series A+ stage. Eager to grow. Often our startups are in search of investors for the very first time. And because we’re working with them, you already know their chances of scaling successfully are high.

How We Work

Light Touch

Helping you with ad hoc research such as scouting, due diligence, and startup customer interviews.

Project Focused

Working with you on deeper projects such as industry analysis, collaboration projects, or acquisitions.

Fully Integrated

Our most integrated model working as a full extension to your team on open-ended or midterm projects


There are lots of methods for valuing a startup company, but it’s a frustrating fact of life that a startup will never have the historical data that a long established company will. For people looking for investment opportunities that means it’s harder to extrapolate future performance so defining your search criteria, report analysis and due diligence assume renewed importance. We’ll manage those processes for you.

Yes! Inevitably, the startup market in general is higher risk, but corporate and private investors looking for startups can find high rewards too. The key, then, is mitigating the risk to maximise the reward and Scaling Partners do that in two key ways. First, we carry out the due diligence that’s essential for any investors looking to invest in small businesses. Second, we work with many of the startups for whom we source investment. Because they benefit from our expertise in growing and scaling, we minimise the risk for investors.

Deal flow is a vital part of serious investment. Without a continual pipeline of new investment opportunities sources can quickly run dry. There’s no single route to success – brand building, increasing inbound enquiries and improving your use of existing data can all be beneficial. But the most effective way of increasing VC deal flow is though expanding your network and leveraging sources others aren’t. That’s what makes Scaling Partners’ pool of startups so attractive to investors. 

Yes, but they supplement our search rather than forming the basis of it. We’ll also use tools like LinkedIn as part of our research into company founders and senior team members. The issue with databases like Funderbeam, Dealroom, Angelist and Crunchbase is that, generally speaking, you’re looking at the same pool of startups as everyone else – not ideal for corporate and private investors looking to invest in something new. That’s why our experts use their contacts and experience to find the startups you haven’t come across. Yet.

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